Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm going to be in a Calendar!

No....dont get excited...I will NOT be wearing a bikini or in one of those "naked lady "calendars....oh bosh!I hear you say?????

I entered a local challenge from our Art Society to enter a Newcastle themed painting to win a space in a calendar that the Society is creating to raise money for itself and the Helicopter Rescue Service for 2010.
There were 43 painting presented last night at the general meeting of the Society and over 60 members voted.
I was lucky enough to receive enough votes to get a place!
A small win along the road.
It means that I will get some exposure!
The picture that won was of my "Stockton Ferry".

It was nice to be voted on by other artists and get recognition for my work - especially as I am a relative "newbie" to the group. Sometimes you have to "do your time" in groups like these not matter how good your work is!


  1. I love this one. Love the old ferry.

  2. Congrats Renata, and congrats for winning the April Challange at Tony's School are on a roll girl :)