Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Excellent sales this weekend!

Happy to say that both of these paintings sold this weekend!
I AM working on two new ones at the moment..but its slow going.

I am working on creating a working "creative cluster" based on the workbook by Julia Cameron called, "The Artist's Way" - this is a 12 week intensive spiritual and creative recovery course that takes you through the steps back into living a more creative and focused life.
It is a program that has been used successfully for over 15 years all over the world and I came upon it many months ago with a hope and wish that I could possibly facilitate it some time in the future.
Now, because of the establishment of "Sacred Elements" I can do just that!
SO, I will be presenting this course in June - it is suitable for just about anyone - but of course, if you are an artist and are procrastinating with your artwork or suffer from blocks in creativity, then this course is perfect for you!
I am very excited about it, but, as with everything that must be well presented,  it is taking up some of my painting time right now in formulating the right way to do it all to achieve optimum results.
If you know anyone who might benefit from this course, please contact me for more details!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Its been a while!

I dont think it has ever been so long between art works in the last two years of my art life but to tell you the truth I have not picked up a paintbrush since last Sunday!
I HAVE been creating though and have "given birth" to a new business called "Sacred Elements" - a Spiritual Healing Centre, together with a friend. We are starting small and avoiding too much debt, but the work has been full on getting eveything ready - also,  in between that, I am trying to do some extra casual work to balance the finances, so you see art has taken third place......I have though, entered into a few exhibitions, namely Wallsend Plaza Art Show with the Art Society ( just finished ), Dobell Art Show ( currently at Rathmines ) and Newcastle Show Art Exhibition ( openeing next week ).....some of my horses are being exhibited...I nearly missed the Newcastle Show one, having missed the entry time for deliverying my art work completely...it was only that my angels were looking after me and I happened to mention something to someone totally randomly that I was prompted to check times and dates and realised my mistake and then rushed out to beg the committee to include my entry...wish me luck!