Saturday, November 7, 2009

Finally....a new painting!

I was going to put away my paints and brushes for the year...but inspiration hit and I was drawn to this image and just had to paint it!
This is 45cm x 60cm in acrylic on canvas.
I am please with the finished result even if it is my very first painting of a horse!
I would like to do some more now - so I may even get one or two finished before Christmas.


  1. Not bad at all - Iactually love it! Can I have it? Please?

  2. Hey great to hear from you!!!!
    Hope you are well.
    I am pretty happy with it too...peace and wealth you you mate!

  3. Am glad you picked up your brushes again , your horse is lovely.

  4. Great horse. You've done a fantastic job for your first horse. My 4-yr. old granddaughter wants me to do 3 horse paintings for her bedroom and I've never done a horse before. I'm not inspired to do it, but maybe for Christmas.

  5. You have got to have a go, you just never know ...if I can do it anyone can thats for sure! Go for it Lokelani!