Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hot off the Easel - ARCHIE

This is Archie.
30cm x 40 cm acrylic on canvas
unframed - finished with matt varnish

Archie is the son of a friend of mine. He is a gorgeous boy with huge expressive eyes and has a natural pout that is really such a part of his character. He is a very old soul. I asked my friend if I could paint Archie as an exercise - It is my first portrait of a male child and I was wondering whether I could capture the boyishness of the subject. I am pretty pleased with the result - I hope mum is too.


  1. oh god renata, that is amazing- you have captured his infinite wisdom.....amazing........will you paint my two ?

  2. Oh, wow - I've not met Archie but the resemblance to his mum is amazing. Great work!

  3. this mum loves it...i love his eyes, so him